Fairtrade Easter Eggs


Look at our Where to Buy Fairtrade Easter Eggs in Market Harborough guide here.

Fairtrade Town Market Harborough have been in contact with shops in Market Harborough town centre undertaking very important research.

We are pleased to announce where you can buy Fairtrade Chocolate Easter Eggs in the town.

We have also listed some online suppliers.

Surely this will bring a smile to anyone who receives one.


By buying Fairtrade you are choosing to support smaller producers giving them a fair price for their product.

Smaller producers are feeling at first hand the effect of climate change on their crops. With decreasing yields due to increasing incidence of plant diseases, chocolate, coffee and many other fair trade producers worry about their future.

The Fairtrade logo on foods and gold you buy gives you certain assurances. The producers and also the communities in which they live get a good deal. Also they are being given support to adapt and prepare for climate change to protect their livelihoods.

These stores in Market Harborough definitely sell them. Find them on our website.


Coop – own brand  both large and small and Cadbury – not all types will be Fairtrade however some will be labelled partnering with Fairtrade Foundation

Eco Village – Divine

Waitrose – own brand



In 2020 the Fairtrade Foundation wrote a blog that highlighted other brands to look out for. Some of which can be bought on line. If you want to read more then follow this link.


Oxfam continues to offer Divine chocolate eggs including mini eggs.

Just Fair Trade Shop Leicester    https://justfairtrade.com/ – click and collect can be arranged at the Eco Village, St Mary’s Road.

Traidcraft  – www.traidcraftshop.co.uk   offer Divine chocolate eggs assorted chocolate flavours and sizes

Look out for them where you do your shopping and tell us on facebook or by the website and let us know if there are more we can add to the list.